Yoko Komiya LMT

Products & Gift Certificates

These items are available for purchase. 

• Gua-sha Plates and sticks made from Jade and water buffalo horns

• Essential Oils made from Chinese Herbal Medicine

• Chinese Herbal Medicine Facial Mask Starter Kits (powder)

• t-sphere  aromatherapy infused massage balls   http://www.tspheres.com

• Gift certificates 

If you are considering visiting for the sole purpose of purchasing any of the above items, please be sure to contact us so we may schedule your visit during times when  there are no treatments in session.  If you do visit unannounced, there is a chance that you will need to wait for a very long time. 



• かっさマッサージ用へら、棒 (翡翠、水牛角)

• 漢方アロマオイル 各種

• 台湾産漢方パック セルフケア用キット

• t-spheres アロママッサージボール  http://www.tspheres.com

• ギフト券


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